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Supporting people with bleeding disorders

The Finnish Hemophilia Society (SHY) is a non-profit patient organisation for people with haemophilia A or B, von Willebrand disease or other rare bleeding disorders. Our goal is to provide peer support to people with bleeding disorders and their families in Finland.

Bleeding disorders and treatment

In bleeding disorders blood clotting is deficient, which causes prolongation of bleeding. Several hereditary bleeding disorders are known, and the bleeding caused by them can be prevented and treated with coagulation factor replacement therapies.

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Find peer support

We offer valuable peer support and events for people with bleeding disorders and their families in different stages of life. We also organize ‘Friendship Family’ support group activities for our members.

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Come join the action!

We organize different kinds of events and rehabilitation for our members while also sharing knowledge and offering extensive education on bleeding disorders. People with bleeding disorders, their close ones, healthcare professionals and everyone interested in our activities can join as members.

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